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Store and Dispense Cleaner and More Efficient Fuel


August 21, 2018

Revision to UL 87A provides third gasoline/ethanol blend option

As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, the desire for cleaner air rises. A survey conducted by The American Lung Association, found that, “Americans overwhelmingly support strong limits on the amount of methane and other toxic pollution.” That coupled with the EPA program to reduce carbon pollution from transportation provides a solid foundation for the revision of UL 87A.

UL 87A is a standard for safety of fuel storage and dispensing products intended to handle products within the power operated dispensing devices for gasoline and gasoline/ethanol blends category. The current revision to UL 87A has now been published with CE40a requirements that establish the guidelines for use with gasoline/ethanol blends with nominal ethanol concentrations of 40% (E0-E40).

Previously, the Standard covered ethanol concentrations of 25% (E0-E25) and 85% (E0-E85) only, with E85 making up less than one percent of total ethanol consumption. As emission requirements change as a result of the demand from industry as well as consumer interest in reduced greenhouse gases, the UL 87A revision gives fuel storage and dispensing products manufacturers’ a third more viable option for ethanol blends up to 40% concentrations (E0-E40).  An increased concentration of ethanol creates a higher octane fuel, which burns cleaner and more efficiently, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As we look to the future, research is indicating an interest in the design of highly fuel-efficient engines that can handle higher concentrations of ethanol to meet emission requirements and consumer demand. UL can now test and certify to the revised UL 87A Standard.

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All UL certified fuel storage and dispensing products models can be found in UL’s Product iQ™ certification database by entering a manufacturer’s name.  They are listed under the UL Category Code EWTV. The most up-to-date listing for fuel storage and dispensing product manufacturers whose products are certified to UL 87A can always be found in this directory.