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Qatar Announces Adoption GSO Regulation on Import and Manufacture of Toys

July 27, 2015

Qatar has announced the adoption of a regulation set by the GCC Standardisation Organisation (GSO) effective June 4, 2015, for import and manufacture of toys to ensure safety of the product. The GCC Technical Regulation for children’s toys clarifies and sets requirements for imported and domestically produced toys.

The regulation specifies the following:

  • Toys and its chemical contents shall not jeopardize the safety or health of users or third-parties when they are used as intended or in a foreseeable way, bearing in mind the behavior of children
  • The ability of the users and their supervisors shall be considered in the case of toys which are intended for use by children under 36 months or by other specified age groups
  • Labels and instructions for use on the packaging shall catch the attention of the users or their supervisors to the inherent hazards and risks of harm involved in using the toys, and to the ways of avoiding such hazards and risks