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Paige Electric Achieves What's Possible

Innovation mixed with technical expertise leads to game-changing results.

Ethernet cables

February 10, 2019

David Coleman, vice president and business development manager of Paige Electric, a cable and wire company in Union, New Jersey, knew they were onto something when engineers from the firm developed a cable that delivered billions of bits of data per second beyond a 100-meter distance limit.

Prospective clients, when told about the new product, would comment, ‘if it can do what you say, that would be a real game-changer.’

“We just had to prove it could perform,” said Coleman.

For help, Paige Electric turned to UL and its Marketing Claim Verification program. With the program, UL determines the accuracy of a marketing claim related to the performance, functionality or features of a product, facility, process or system that end users cannot easily assess on their own.

Blueprint for Paige Electric’s marketing claim verification

According to David Wuestmann, a program manager at UL, several steps occurred before Verification testing was performed.

The process began with a marketing claim discussion, which included identifying the wording of this product’s specific claim in a clear and concise manner.

Next, UL engineers developed the testing protocol for this claim, taking meticulous care to construct a repeatable, verifiable process. In some specific cases, UL’s processes permit witness testing, which allows customers to utilize their own or third-party test facilities to conduct particular tests.

For projects that are witness tested (as was the case for this particular Claim Verification), a UL engineer performs an audit of the test method documentation, equipment calibration records and training qualifications of the operator performing the testing, as related to the claim.

Because Paige Electric’s equipment calibrations, documentation and training records all meet laboratory best practices, the technician was permitted to proceed with testing while the UL engineer observed and recorded the results.

Paige Electric Marketing Claim Verification

And the results are…

The company’s line of GameChanger cables delivered 1 Gbps performance and  PoE+ (Power over Ethernet plus) over 200 meters as stated in its marketing claim. PoE+ supports devices and services like cameras, video IP phones, alarm systems and server to server data delivery.

Per Coleman, the product supports all Ethernet applications and is especially useful for IP devices like security cameras and WiFi access points that are often located more than 100 meters away from the nearest network connection.

“The UL Claim Verification process had the right balance of technical expertise blended with expediency,” said Coleman. “Having our product claim independently verified makes end users feel more comfortable when selecting the GameChanger cabling system for their install.”

Which goes to show that UL’s technical expertise married to Paige Electric’s innovation can lead to game-changing results.

Learn more about the GameChanger cable.

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