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October 9-10th the CEN/TC 207/WG9 “Test Methods” and CEN/TC 207/WG1 “Requirements” Meetings took place in Berlin.

October 15, 2018

As an active player among international technical committees, UL attended the CEN/TC 207/WG9 “Test Methods” and CEN/TC 207/WG1 “Requirements” meetings , October 9th and 10th in Berlin and we want  to share some of the relevant items for the furniture industry:

For CEN/TC 207/WG9 we discussed:

  • the new version of EN 1022 “Domestic furniture. Seating. Determination of stability” which is scheduled to be published on November 11th , 2018
  • the test template required by the standard EN 1022 to determine the loading point on the chairs for which a revision may be desirable to take into account the width of the human body.
  • the need to develop test methods for stability of hanging chairs
  • a study to cover requirements for chairs intended for persons with a body weight greater that 110kg .


For CEN/TC 207/WG1 we discussed:

  • Machinery Directive: TC 207 is working to have a role in the definition of mechanical hazards for motorized furniture. Even if the situation is evolving, UL can already provide services to motorized furniture manufacturers to cover current Machinery Directive requirements
  • an amendment to the standard for storage furniture for domestic use, EN 14749, which will  cover the risk for furniture intended to support a TV. Some labeling requirements are being defined
  • the standard for foldaway beds, EN 1129, that will be revised, to take into account new models and new solutions
  • instructions for use, for which, it has been underlined that it is necessary that instructions for use related to the safe use of the product shall be delivered to the consumer together with the product
  • After the publication of the ISO standards ISO 19833:2018 “Furniture — Beds — Test methods for the determination of stability, strength and durability” the work for the revision of the European standard EN 1725:1998 “Domestic furniture. Beds and mattresses. Safety requirements and test methods” will be continued.

We will keep our audiences up-to-date as the above evolves or changes with execution.

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