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Now Open! The 2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions


October 16, 2015

UL partners, the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing and Nanyang Technological University, are pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 Singapore International 3D Printing Competitions!

Introduced in 2013 with an overarching mission to promote awareness and adoption of 3D printing technologies, the competition is open to the general public (open category) with a top prize of $10,000, as well as tertiary and secondary students (student category) with top prizes of $5,000.

In the spirit of technology's innovation within the world of fashion, 2016's competitions feature the themes of Eyewear and Shoes.

The Competitions have 3 categories under each theme as detailed below.

Category Eligibility Prizes
Open category All, regardless of age, gender, nationality etc. Top prize of $10,000
Singapore school student category Students from Singapore primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges and Institute of Technical Education (ITE). Top prize of $5,000
Singapore tertiary student category Students from Singapore polytechnics, universities and tertiary institutes e.g. LASALLE College of the Arts and Raffles Design Institute. Top prize of $5,000


The deadline for submission for all categories is April 8, 2016.   For more information, please visit the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing / Nanyang Technological University.

Should you require additional assistance or have questions regarding the Competitions, please contact Assistant Professor Yeong Wai Yee at [email protected] or Shu Min at [email protected].