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New York Introduces Bill Prohibiting the Sale of Jewelry with Small Magnets

June 16, 2015

The State of New York has introduced Senate Bill 5552 prohibiting the sale of jewelry containing small magnets, meant to mimic a tongue, lip or nose piercing.

The bill also requires labeling on the product to read: “This product contains (a) small magnet (s). Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet (s) are swallowed or inhaled.”

The bill defines a small magnet as one that can fit completely into a specially designed test cylinder 2.25 inches long by 1.25 inches wide approximately same as the size of the fully expanded throat of a child under 3 years old, and commonly referred to as the small parts cylinder, as described in 16 CFR Section 1501.4.

Magnet novelty consumer products are defined as a product marketed to adults for the purposes of leisure or stress relief that contains a magnet or magnets. Magnet novelty consumer products include, but are not limited to, office toys, desktop toys, desk toys, stress relief toys, and puzzles.