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On the Mark - The Lithium-Ion Battery Issue

The lithium-ion battery issue explores the safety and the science behind the technology that powers our world. From mobile devices to power packs, lithium-ion batteries help us communicate and function better than ever before.

Cover image illustration of battery building

June 28, 2019

In this issue

  • From electric cars to Mars rovers, lithium-ion batteries are everywhere
  • What makes your favorite electronics devices tick?
  • Take a visual trip into the numbers and facts behind the rechargeable batteries
  • Notable events in history of lithium-ion batteries
  • Recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and Houston have highlighted a need for new power sources
  • A look at the ways solar panels are becoming more widespread as people try to save money, go green
  • Take it outside with lithium-ion devices
  • The potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries
  • Where is lithium found and how is it collected and processed?
  • A mother tries to raise her kids and their devices while also staying charged


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On the Mark: The lithium-ion battery issue | Vol. 1

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