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Maintaining a High Level of Fire Sprinkler Performance

March 23, 2015

For decades fire sprinklers have proven to be an effective and invaluable tool for protecting property and life from the potentially devastating effects of fire. With the increased awareness and public concern for building safety, there is a growing need for buildings to be fitted with reliable security and safety systems.

While fire sprinklers have been used to reduce the loss of life and property from fires for more than 100 years, the expanded end use applications and changing installation environments for these products require on-going monitoring and assessments of the construction and performance requirements included in safety standards to maintain the desired high level of safety. As a part of Underwriters Laboratories Inc’s (UL’s) standards development process, UL routinely considers new technology and performance in field use environments to assess the need for revision of product requirements or installation standards. Since the year 2000, UL has identified several opportunities for these improvements, and took action to enhance the performance requirements for fire sprinkler products.

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