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Improving Access to Critical Medical Devices

Increase availability of your crucial healthcare products through specialized services

Surgeons with  a patient in an operating room

April 7, 2020

New workflows to accommodate critical demand

The COVID-19 pandemic is necessitating a quicker approval time for critical medical devices. From the outset, UL has been working closely with other stakeholders to improve healthcare providers' access to these products through specialized services.

As the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) has increased, UL's testing capabilities based in the U.S., Taiwan and The Netherlands for surgical masks and protective clothing has ramped up. With the ever-increasing shortages of masks and PPE equipment within hospitals, this service was created out of critical necessity. Developed through the collaboration of engineers, program engineers and many others, this service is proving vital to healthcare providers and patients.

In addition, to better serve medical device and IVD manufacturers of products used for COVID19, UL has collaborated across internal divisions in a joint effort to aid in the global export of COVID19-related product from China.

UL is looking to develop new workflows and seeking out internal and external collaborations in order to meet the current healthcare demands COVID-19 is creating. As the situation continues to evolve, UL will continue to support those in need through customized programs.

For more information on UL's COVID-19 services, please contact us today.