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IEC 62368-1 based Standards Updates

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February 10, 2015

EN 62368-1 – As mentioned in previous communications, EN 62368-1 was published in Europe during the second half of 2014.  The Date of Withdrawal (DoW) of the standards to be superseded, EN 60065 and EN 60950-1, was assigned of June 20, 2019.  However, the Official Journal (OJ) of the European Union has yet to be updated to include EN 62368-1 as a standard formally associated with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) - this update of the LVD is expected to be published soon.

UL Effective Date -  UL has also assigned a December 20, 2020 UL Effective Date for new equipment/certifications of A/V, IT or ICT equipment, or significant modification of existing equipment/certifications. Continuing certification will be allowed for existing certifications that are not significantly modified after the date.  Like in the EU this date is aligned with the adoption period recommended by IEC TC108 and it will allow AV & ICT equipment manufacturers to both adequately prepare for transition to the new standard and align their certification strategies to cover two main regions of the world.  More information on the associated UL  Effective Dates for all the primary UL A/V & ICT standards is available on our dedicated web area on the subject: .

IEC 62368-1 Test Report Form (TRF) and Test Equipment List-  For manufacturers & stakeholders interested in the TRF for IEC 62368-1 Ed. 2, it is available from the IEC Webstore -!opendocument.   Similarly, the provisional 62368-1 Test Equipment List for Ed. 2 is available from IECEE - .

For more information on this new hazard-based standard we encourage you to visit the website and browse the variety of information we have accumulated related to the standard, its implementation & transition, and our related services for it:  62368-1 Standard Blog.

We also encourage you to browse our Knowledge Solutions offerings related to 62368-1, both public workshops and online.

Feel free to contact us via UL Anytime or your UL sales or project manager if you would like to know more about UL’s 62368-1 services.

UL will continue to provide timely updates on 62368-1 and the transition towards it.