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How to Participate in UL Standard Development-Q&A

Learn how you can participate in the development of UL Standards.

Creating UL Standards

August 21, 2019

Q. Can Code Officials Participate in the UL Standards Making Process?

A. Yes.  UL is always looking for participants in standards development process by getting them involved with UL consensus Standards Technical Panels (STP). See the Call for Members information for those STPs currently recruiting new members.

Q. What are UL Standards Technical Panels (STP)?

AThese technical panels play a significant role in the development and maintenance of the UL Standards.   An STP is made up of individuals who represent a wide variety of interests across the following interest categories: AHJ; Producer; Testing and Standard Organization; Supply Chain; Government; Consumer; General Interest; Commercial/Industrial User and International Delegate.  To learn more about UL STPs, please visit UL Standards.  

Q. How does a UL Standard get developed?

A. This informative video illustrates the entire standards development process.

UL's Standards Development Process

Watch this video to learn about how we develop Standards at UL.

Q. How can changes to a UL Standard be submitted?

A.Changes to a UL Standard are shared through a proposal request and submitted through UL's Collaborative Standards Development System (CSDS). CSDS is UL's online Standards authoring tool where you can discuss proposals, provide comments and vote on them, and obtain meeting materials.

Watch our CSDS video to learn more about our Standards authoring tool. 

What is CSDS?

UL's CSDS is a collaborative online platform for UL’s Standard development process. Submit proposed changes to Standards, comment, discuss, and vote on Standard changes from anywhere at your convenience.

Q. Do you have to be a member of an STP to participate in UL Standards development activities?

A. No. Anyone can participate in UL's standards development process by submitting proposals to change a Standard, commenting on Standards proposals and more.

All interested parties – even those who aren’t members of an STP – can:

  • Review and comment on proposals being considered by the STP.
  • Sign up for UL's free, twice monthly e-notification service that includes a list (including the scope) of all Standards documents published for that time period.  
  • Request to attend meetings of a Standards Technical Panel.
  • Monitor ANSI Standards Action newsletter.
  • Volunteer to participate in a task group.

For more information related to participation without being an STP member, visit the Ways to Participate page.

Q. Can code officials access UL Standards for free?

A. Yes, anyone can read UL Standards online for free, except for those that are IEC/ISO based.  View our complimentary online access to Standards today.

For further information concerning joining an STP, contact Mitchell Gold, STP membership coordinator.  For more information on related to UL Standards visit the UL Standards page, join the UL Standards network on LinkedIn, follow UL Standards on Twitter, and visit the UL Standards YouTube channel.