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Help Ensure the Future of PV

July 11, 2018

Rely on proper verification for long-term success of today’s PV power plants

Today’s photovoltaic (PV) power plants are expected to last several decades. Over time, it’s likely that maintenance, modification, or a change of hands is likely to occur. To help ensure the long-term performance of these facilities through the various changes they will face, adequate documentation, operations and maintenance procedures are a must.

We have been committed to the PV industry from the very beginning. Our verification and inspection services can help you achieve the expected longevity for solar PV power plants ranging from small commercial and industrial to large megawatt-scale projects. We offer this service to various stakeholders and can conduct the inspection at commissioning or during operation.

The typical timeline from quote acceptance to issuing of the final report is approximately 6 weeks, to better serve the unique needs of all UL customers, we offer a tiered approach to field inspections based on IEC 62446-1.

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