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Goniophotometer Services


March 21, 2019

UL’s Goniophotometer Services – Upgrades, retrofits, calibration, training, repairs and more


UL has a complete line of accessories to modernize your laboratory and do more with your goniophotometer. The following accessories are available for all UL goniophotometers:

  • Spectroradiometer – Perfect for measuring color angular uniformity and color metrics. Scientific grade spectroradiometers provides spectral power distribution (graphically and tabular) and color rendering index (CRI).
  • Flicker Testing – we offer an option for conducting flicker testing for all UL goniophotometers, allowing the collection of lamp or luminaire flicker data. This testing meets California Energy Commission Title 24, Energy Star and NEMA-77.
  • Temperature (Integrated and Non-Integrated solutions – Monitor 3 to 4 points on the device under test (DUT) and use DUT Temperature for stabilization.


Goniophotometers are expensive.  Retrofitting an existing goniophotometer is an inexpensive way of getting more out of your existing equipment. UL is capable of modernizing an older goniophotometer by updating it to meet the latest standards and specifications, and the latest operating systems.


  • Calibration of the goniophotometer (recommended annually)
  • Alignment Checks
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Training – refresher, advanced, tailored for specific needs,,,
  • Specialized software to meet specialized requirements
  • Repairs
  • Extended Warranties


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