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Furnishings Focus Newsletter 2021 I Issue 3

UL’s Furnishings Focus Newsletter returns with a top selection of relevant news, articles and resources.

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December 17, 2021

EPA issues restrictions on the use of five flame retardants

Manufacturers must remove these flame retardants, commonly found in plastics, electronics and adhesives, from non-medical products by March 8, 2022.

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Furniture quality assurance and regulatory protocols

Along with working to produce and sell the safest possible furniture products, manufacturers and retailers must work to ensure furniture supply chain transparency, quality and integrity.

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Expert-designed test equipment

For manufacturers and retailers to get to market quickly, they must understand their products’ performance. UL can help preserve your long-term profits and reputation with our broad testing experience and extensive knowledge of equipment design and fabrication.

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2022 Furnishings Focus webinar series

This webinar series will guide you on a journey through several relevant aspects impacting the furniture industry, aiming to ease confusion and spark solutions. Topics include:

  • How to keep up with safety requirements in a rapidly changing and growing furniture market
  • Electrical safety requirements for height-adjustable beds
  • How data acquisition with state-of-the-art test equipment helps traceability and benchmarking
  • Regulatory updates on the ever-changing landscape

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EPA restrictions on the use of five flame retardants

Gain insights on the Environmental Protection Agency’s updated restrictions on five flame retardants in plastics, electronics and adhesives.

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Address consumer concerns with UL GREENGUARD Certification

UL GREENGUARD Certification helps furniture brands and manufacturers demonstrate improved environmental health of their products to the market.

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