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Furnishings Focus Newsletter 2020 Issue 1

Helping make life safer and more secure during this unusual time. Most of UL’s services are deemed essential and most UL laboratories remain open around the world to help ensure that products and services can continue to be delivered safely and securely.

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May 29, 2020

Building a pandemic response plan with UL

Activating a comprehensive and precise response plan can mitigate the impact of a pandemic on a building and its occupants. Even in the midst of disruption, UL can help you review and optimize a pandemic response plan that you can put to use quickly, as well as prepare you for the future.

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UL Modernizes Commercial Display Standard with UL 970, the Standard for Retail Fixtures and Merchandise Displays

Please subscribe to download our webinar  “Innovating UL Safety Standards for Commercial Displays” on June 2, 2020 to learn more about the new standard and its features.

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UL Develops Chair Measurement Device for testing to ISO 24496 Copy

Learn about the new ISO 24496 standard and how UL’s chair measuring device can achieve precise and efficient measurement of office chairs.

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Updated BIFMA Standards for Office Furniture Expected

Read the latest on updates to three BIFMA standards and when they are expected to be released.

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UL’s Flexible Construction Program for Commercial Displays

See how UL’s Flexible Construction Program can help you assess the safety of modified commercial displays quickly but thoroughly.

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Demonstrate Safety and Quality of Outdoor Furniture

UL 4041 standard provides outdoor furniture safety certification to advance product quality and mitigate risk.

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