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France Passes Law Regarding Electromagnetic Waves in Areas Frequented by Children

March 16, 2015

The French Parliament has enacted a law regulating public exposure to electromagnetic waves. The provisions of the law include the following:

  • Submission to the government of calculations of electromagnetic fields that will be generated of intended one or more radio installations regulated by the French Radio Spectrum Assignment Authorities (ANFR)
  • Establishment of a national dialogue committee on levels of public exposure to electromagnetic fields
  • Release of a municipal-level map of all cell towers in France
  • Clear mention of recommended accessory devices that lowers exposure of the head to radio frequency radiation in cell
  • Advertisements promoting the use of cell phones must mention, clearly and legibly, the recommended use of an accessory device that reduces exposure of the head to radio frequency radiation. Violators are subject to fines.
  • Availability, upon request, of an accessory that lower exposure of the head to radio frequency radiation for children under 14 years of age
  • Prohibition of wireless internet (WiFi) in places dedicated to the welcome, rest, and activities of children under three years of age
  • Prohibition of wireless access for internet in elementary schools when not used for teaching
  • Submission of the government to the Parliament a report on electromagnetic hypersensitivity


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