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A First-of-its-Kind Certification From UL

sumec hardware

April 2, 2018

UL issued the first certification for the super high voltage DC Li-ion battery produced by SUMEC Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd., an affiliate under SUMEC Group (hereinafter referred to as “SUMEC Hardware”). This certification represents a significant breakthrough and successful cooperation in the area of new energy and high-class gardening tools. Brian Ferriol, Business Development Director of Appliances, HVAC & Lighting of UL, Liu Kai, President of SUMEC Hardware, and other leaders and colleagues in relevant departments attended the ceremony to observe this important moment.

[caption id="attachment_44867" align="alignleft" width="579"] Brian Ferriol, Business Development Director of Appliances, HVAC & Lighting of UL (right) presented the certificate to Liu Kai, President of SUMEC Hardware (Left).[/caption]

As one of the biggest gardening tool and electric tool exporting enterprise in China, SUMEC Hardware has dedicated many years to research and development to solve the problems of short service time and low working efficiency of DC tools. SUMEC Hardware, with its series of gardening tools powered by 120V super high voltage Li-ion battery, passed all necessary UL tests to earn the first certificate of this kind in the world.

‘’In China, UL has endeavored to provide up-and-down stream manufacturers with high quality, local and professional service. With the help from UL, more and more Chinese brands have been accepted by consumers around the world, and SUMEC is one of them who outperformed.” said Brian Ferriol.

At present, there remains a lack of authorized standards for DC high voltage products in the market. For this reason, UL researched and developed the standard requirements applicable to DC high charging and discharging currents (UL 2595 Ver. 2). These requirements are lower than the requirements in Class II insulation, clarifying different opinions on the section of high charging and discharging currents in the market.

Liu Kai, President of SUMEC Hardware expressed, “SUMEC has insisted on marketization and industrialization as its ultimate goals, with ‘integrated research and development, collaborative innovation’ as basic patterns. By establishing a number of domestic and international R&D institutions, it forms sustainable R&D mechanisms and platforms. SUMEC has been collaborating closely with UL, and we are in accordance with international standards in the whole process. Being awarded the UL certification implies the guarantee of SUMEC’s quality. It has also boosted the confidence in the ‘Made in China’ products’ performances on the world stage.”

In the future, UL will maintain its global vision by pay close attention to the trends and development of Li-ion battery DC tools, bringing value-added certification and global access information to the industry, and helping “Made in China” products win a world-wide reputation.