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Egypt - Energy Efficiency & Labeling Regulations


December 17, 2018

By Elena Andreula, EMEA Regulatory Program Expert

In May 2018, The Egypt Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued Ministerial Decision No 477/2018 requiring refrigerating appliances, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners to comply with designated energy efficiency and labeling standards, effective beginning December 22, 2018.

Before selling appliances in the Egyptian market, it is mandatory to have an energy efficiency license together with an approved energy efficiency label. The Egyptian Organization for Standards and Quality (EOS) is the only organization authorized to issue the energy efficiency license and label; manufacturers are required to submit test reports issued by EOS accredited laboratories according to the applicable Egyptian standards.

For other products like household dishwashers, household washing machines and electrical ovens, it is already mandatory to have an energy efficiency license and label approved by EOS as per Ministerial decree No. 912/2017.

The license and label add to the mandatory shipment certification for regulated products. The presence of the energy label is checked during pre-shipment verification to obtain the required Certificate of Inspection.

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