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EC Harmonizes EN71-5: 2013 Safety Requirements for Chemical Toy

August 23, 2013

The European Commission (EC) has harmonized EN71-5: 2013 covering safety requirements for chemical toys other than experimental chemistry sets under the EU Toy Safety Directive (TSD).

The standard has been revised to reflect the new safety requirements in Directive 2009/48/EC. Warning phrases have been amended to reflect the requirements in Directive 2009/48/EC Annex V, "Not suitable for children under (*) years. For use under adult supervision." Age restrictions, markings, labeling, safety rules, first aid information, instructions for use, and advice for adult supervision are also included.

Terms and definitions of "chemical toy" and "experimental set" have been added and the definition of "plaster of Paris (gypsum) molding set" has been modified. The terms and definitions of "adhesives, paints, lacquers, varnishes, thinners and cleaning agents supplied or recommended in model sets," "water-based paint," and "paints and lacquers containing solvents" have been replaced by terms and definitions of "model set," "water-based paints and lacquers," and "solvent based paints and lacquers. Requirements for photographic processing sets has been deleted.

Alternative methods of analysis or modifications to the procedures described may be applied if they are capable of achieving at least the accuracy and precision of the methods described in the European Standard and adequate sensitivity, and have been validated to show that the results are equivalent to those of these standard methods.