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Design World webinar features UL AM metal safety insights

August 29, 2016

Design World, the leading engineering resource serving design engineers, machine builders and OEMs, will discuss the many facets of metal additive manufacturing safety in the September 27 webinar, “How to work safely with metal additive manufacturing machines.” The webinar will dispel the notion that metal AM is a “plug and play” technology. Recognized industry veterans Paul Bates, Manager of the UL AMCC and Perry Leggett, Applications Engineer for Concept Laser, will discuss how improper use can lead to injury or worse and focus on how to work safely and effectively with your metal AM technology.

Bates and Leggett will also cover:

  • How to safely handle material
  • How to safely operate your metal AM equipment
  • How to ensure safe operation in your facility

This webinar event will be facilitated by Design World editor, Leslie Langnau. Webinar participants will have the opportunity to submit questions throughout the discussion.

To register for this free Design World webinar, please visit the event registration page.