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Consumer Technology and Wireless Product Outlook | Issue 2

Stay up-to-date with compliance and technology trends with UL. We aim to bring you updates, insights, exclusive content and webinar access on topics like consumer electronics, micromobility, connected devices and much more.

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June 4, 2020

Issue 2 | May 21, 2020

Welcome to the latest issue of the Consumer Technology and Wireless Products Outlook. This newsletter will provide updates on topics such as information technology, consumer electronics, micro-mobility, connected devices, batteries, sensors, printed circuits boards, and more.

As the effective date for IEC/ EN 62368-1 draws closer, UL would like to highlight the resources that are available to help you transitional smoothly and accelerate market access. 

  • On-demand webinar: 62368-1 recent updates
  • UL Hazard Based Safety Engineering Linkedin Group
  • UL 62368-1 toolkit

IEC/ EN 62368-1 resources

Technical Instructor-Lead Course: Designing for Compliance to IEC 62368-1 3rd Edition

Join UL experts for two training modules, complete with progressive knowledge checks and interactive learning. Participants will receive continuing education unit credits and a copy of UL 62368-1 3rd Edition. Learn more in the link below and continue to check back on the registration site for future virtual training dates.

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On-demand webinar: 62368-1 Recent Updates

In this webinar, UL experts will explain what you need to know to keep your products flowing unhindered after Dec. 20, 2020, including how to get a gap analysis to give your company time to mitigate design issues needed to meet changes in the standards.

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UL Hazard Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) Linkedin Group

This group monitors developments associated with the IEC 62368 series and is also a dynamic resource for the latest developments in HBSE, Safety Science, Safety Research and related topics of interest to safety engineers, product certification engineers and other professionals in these and related fields.

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UL's 62368-1 transition toolkit

UL is your partner in compliance, this toolkit is an on-going resource for all IEC 62368-1 developments and will go beyond the transition phase.  The toolkit includes tips, FAQs, access to training and webinars, members only Q&A blog and much more. 

Registration for the toolkit allows you to view free content or purchase expanded content. 
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Some of the available content:

  • White paper: UL's position on use of legacy (EN 60065 & EN 60950-1) AV/ICT Components for EU after 2020-12-20 

    UL's position is that it is in the manufacturer’s best interest from a business risk management perspective to use AV/ICT components certified to EN 62368-1 in AV/ICT equipment certified to EN 62368-1. Register in the UL 62368-1 toolkit for free access to read the latest white paper.

  • 62368-1 Certification Impact Analysis – Updated March 2020

    This analysis is intended to identify and analyze the impact of notable differences between the latest IEC 62368‐1:2018 (Ed. No. 3) standard for Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment.

Known countries in process of implementing IEC 62368-1 as basis for National Standards



IEC Equivalent




AS/NZS 62368.1:2018

IEC 62368-1:2014


AS/NZS National Differences incorporated



IEC 62368-1:2018


It is expected China will publish GB national standard based on 3rd. Ed. of IEC 62368-1. Date unknown.

European Union

EN 62368-1:2014

IEC 62368-1:2014


EN 62368-1:2014 or EN 60065 / EN 60950-1 currently allowed for presumption of conformity.  EN 62368-1:2020 (3rd edition) was published in March BUT not included into OJEU.


J 62368-1

IEC 62368-1:2014


Japanese National Differences incorporated


KS C IEC 62368-1

IEC 62368-1:2014


Not adopted so far. Date unknown.



IEC 62368-1:2014

Voluntary - TBD

Study continues towards utilizing NOM standard for mandatory approval

South Africa

SANS 62368-1:2011 (Ed. 1.00)

IEC 62368-1:2010

Voluntary - TBD

In process of issuing Ed. 2 (TBD). 62368-1 not really accepted stand-alone – additional compliance declarations required


CNS 15598-1

IEC 62368-1:2018


IEC 62368-1 is not accepted for BSMI approval so far. New CNS 15598-1  standard is prepared based on IEC 62368-1:2018 (3rd ed)

Information is accurate as at March 3, 2020. 



On-demand webinar: Going global with connected lighting products: market access made easy

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COVID-19: Resources to make business easier

Remote Witness Viewing EMC and Wireless Certification Testing

UL launched an expanded remote witness viewing testing program so that you can observe your EMC or wireless certification testing directly from your home or office. Live chat is available with the on-site staff overseeing your product testing if you have questions or have issues that need to be addressed.

Find out more

Remote Testing for Bluetooth SIG Qualification

UL is supporting Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG) remote audit testing and test case requirements. This remote testing is valid for any Category A test cases for the host controller interface (HCI) layer and below. 

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