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The Code Authority® Newsletter 2023 | Issue 1

The Code Authority® newsletter provides timely updates from UL Solutions on topics of interest to code authorities responsible for increasing the safety of the built environment. Explore this issue’s articles on news and trends that will share UL Solutions experts’ insights.

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September 11, 2023

UL Solutions is a world leader in applied safety science. We provide access to science, translating it from academic discoveries to practical advantages. As the key to a safer and more innovative world, science is pushing forward — we’ll make sure you keep up.

The Code Authority® (TCA) newsletter is developed by industry specialists who have an unbiased stance on the requirements needed to enable a safer built environment.

E-Bike/Micromobility Device Safety: Product Certification

The rapid growth in popularity of e-bikes and other micromobility devices has created new challenges for public safety.

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Area of Refuge Communication Systems Essential for Life Safety

Area of refuge communication systems are not simply an intercom. Systems certified for rescue assistance communication applications must meet safety, performance and reliability requirements as a life safety system.

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Code-Compliant Installation of Lightning Protection Systems

The 2024 International Building Code (IBC) has been updated to include UL 96A in Section 2703 for Lightning Protection Systems. 

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UL Solutions Welcomes New Lead Regulatory Engineer

Chris Mobley has joined UL Solutions as a lead regulatory engineer in the Codes and Regulatory Services (CARS) department.

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News Brief: Technical Evaluation Developer Program

The UL Solutions program provides a management system qualification program that provides requirements increasing the level of scrutiny for our firestopping customers for technical evaluations.

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News Brief: Safe, Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Explore our portfolio of programs and guidance focused on the complex needs of modern buildings, their owners and occupants.

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News Brief: SolarAPP+ Reaches New Adoption Milestones in Communities Across the U.S.

UL Solutions collaborated with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to help code authorities and the solar industry enhance ease of access to compliant residential rooftop solar energy systems in the United States through SolarAPP+.

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News Brief: UL Enterprise Applauds New York City Mayor Eric Adams for Signing Life-Saving Micromobility Legislation into Law

The new law addresses the significant safety risks that have emerged as the use of electrified forms of transportation surges.

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Bruce Johnson, managing editor

Bruce Johnson is the managing editor of The Code Authority® newsletter. For further information or questions, please contact UL Solutions.


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