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Safe, Smart and Sustainable Buildings

Explore our portfolio of programs and guidance focused on the complex needs of modern buildings, their owners and occupants.

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Understand and address the complex safety, connectivity, security and sustainability needs and risks of modern buildings.



Proactively identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks



Confidently deploy IoT and automation technologies



Collect, leverage and share sustainability data


The built environment is complicated, comprising many overlapping systems that require careful and thorough support to fulfill the needs of real estate stakeholders, including asset owners, building managers and current and potential occupants.

Enhancements in key areas such as safety, security and sustainability can lead to rich benefits such as improved sustainability metrics, increased asset value, enhanced tenant satisfaction and more. But all too often, it can be difficult to address those challenges or find a partner that can help with multiple issues.

The Safe, Smart and Sustainable Buildings portfolio from UL Solutions offers products and services tailored for the complete built environment ecosystem. This comprehensive and integrated program addresses the demands of occupants and residents while answering the challenges of real estate and asset stakeholders.

Safe, Smart and Sustainable Buildings: 15 Trends to Watch

Download this guide to learn how to address complex challenges for today’s more interconnected built environments, mitigate risk and drive performance across your real estate portfolio.

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