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The Code Authority Newsletter 2020 | Issue 4

This quarterly technical newsletter includes timely updates regarding model code and safety standard developments that can enhance your ability to approve safe, sustainable, and code compliant installations. The TCA is free, click subscribe to never miss an issue.

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December 4, 2020

Cyber Security for Fire Protection Systems

The convenience of IoT is accompanied by cyber risks and weaknesses that must be adequately addressed. Cyber threats can range from small-scale personal attacks to large sophisticated attacks affecting society and critical infrastructures.

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Carbon Monoxide Safety, Portable Generators & UL 2201

With natural disaster occurrences on the rise, many are turning to portable generators to keep the lights on, but how safe are these solutions? Discover how UL 2201 Standard testing safeguards against dangerous Carbon monoxide.

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A New Dynamic Approach to Ceiling Damper Certification

A recent addition to the UL 555C Standard has led to new certification options for ceiling dampers.

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UL Helps Develop New Global Fire Safety Common Principles

With building fires a global concern, the application global standards development, code setting, and education efforts could help improve safety.

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New UL Standard Provides Equipment Safety Certification for the Cannabis Extraction and Processing Industry

Relying on peer review reports to determine code compliance for cannabis extraction and processing is no longer the only tool in a code authority’s repertoire.

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Ensuring Code Compliance for Required Fire Alarm Central Station Service

Have you ever heard that a building is protected by a central station fire alarm system and wondered what that really means? Do you assume that the building fire alarm system is monitored by a listed facility and the fire alarm is fully operational at all times?

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Exterior Walls tested to UL 263/Exterior exposure based on separation distance

When constructing a building, considering its overall fire protection plan is an important initial step.

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Q&A Articles

Q&A: Paving the Way for Regulatory Acceptance with the Enhanced and Smart UL Marks

The building and life safety industry continues to see more products with the enhanced and smart Marks due to new compliance challenges and risks. Find answers to our most commonly asked questions from code officials around the world.

News Briefs

UL 2524 Certification and Compliance for Code Authorities

Join us as we discuss an overview of code requirements for UL 2524 geared toward code authorities.

UL Launches UL 9540A Database to Recognize Manufacturers Who Have Completed Testing for Their Energy Storage Systems

UL today launched a free online database recognizing manufacturers who have completed testing under the ANSI/CAN/UL 9540A Standard for Test Method for Evaluating Thermal Runaway Fire Propagation in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS).

The SolarAPP: The Emerging US Permitting Solution

With clean energy goals at its core, SolarAPP is a rooftop solar and storage review plan software to support effective approvals of safe and compliant systems.

International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles - Safe Buildings Save Lives

On behalf of the members of the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition (IFSSC) we are pleased to present the International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles (IFSS-CP).

UL Product iQ Premium Features Now Free for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs)

Product iQ® offers premium features to code authorities (AHJs) free of charge. Log into your Product iQ account to request a free upgrade.

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