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Closing in on Faster Market Access


October 24, 2018

The advantages of UL Type Rating testing for enclosures.

End users expect manufacturers to provide reliable performance with every product. In particular, enclosures play a critical role in protecting daily life, and UL can help you minimize risk and maximize trust in the marketplace with rigorous testing that enables you to have the correct Type Rating for your end use application such as Types 3R, 4, 4X and 12.

Complete testing to UL 50 and UL 50E Standards for indoor/outdoor Type Ratings can help you gain the market access you need to remain competitive while also remaining in compliance with safety regulations. All UL Type Ratings provide a degree of protection against hazards. Depending on the Type Rating being applied to the product, an enclosure can be rated to a degree of protection against environmental conditions such as falling dirt, circulating dust, rain, snow, sleet, hosedown, splashing water, occasional prolonged submersion, and corrosive agents, etc.

View detailed information on Type Ratings and specific details regarding the enclosures that UL can test.