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Clarifications and Insights from UL Experts on the Upcoming Toy Safety Trends and Requirements in Europe

European regulations and standards in the toy industry are in constant flux.

Clarifications and Insights from UL Experts on the Upcoming Toy Safety Trends and Requirements in Europe

March 6, 2020

To learn more about EU updates related to chemical requirements in toys, including the new limits for aluminum and formaldehyde, and the new standard for electric toys safety (EN IEC 62115:2020/A11:2020), watch our on-demand webinar.


    Upcoming Toy Safety Trends and Requirements in EU

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    Our experts, Elisa Gavazza, Global Toy Principal and Daniele Terzi, Electrical Engineer, offer important details of upcoming changes affecting the toy industry in Europe. Read the interview below.

    Q: Will a CEN standard be developed for the new formaldehyde requirement in the Appendix C?
    Elisa: I would say yes. At the moment, there is no available standard for any of the chemicals included in Appendix C, but standardization bodies are already working on several parameters such as Besphenol A, formamide, flame retardants. So, I guess there will also be a standardization activity related to formaldehyde.

    Q: Will Appendix C further be modified in the future? 
    Elisa: Yes, in the EU commission, there is a specific working group on chemicals in toys that are working to evaluate new substances to add to Appendix C. Members of this group are authorities of the different member states and organizations such as ANEC and TIE.

    Q: Do specific markings or instructions exist that are applicable to toys with button cell batteries?
    Daniele: Yes, the new standard EN IEC 62115:2020 is going to introduce new specific instructions applicable to toys that use replaceable button batteries. Moreover, new specific markings, to apply on the packaging, and new instructions are going to be introduced for coin batteries (batteries that have an electrochemical system that contains lithium).

    Q: Is it still possible to introduce the EU market toys with batteries installed or supplied?
    Daniele: Yes, it is possible, the only difference is that from when the new standard is released onwards, the evidence is needed to demonstrate that batteries supplied with electric toys comply with the relevant standards, in particular the IEC 60086 series for primary batteries and the IEC 62133 for secondary ones.

    Q: Which data would I need to perform LED assessment instead of LED measurements?
    Daniele: According to the standard EN IEC 62115:2020, the LED assessment is possible only if a datasheet is developed following the measurement criteria of condition A or condition B of CIE 127 and has been supplied. The technical data sheet must include (as a minimum):

    • The luminous intensity in candela or radiant intensity in Watts per steradian as a function of forward current;
    • The angle;
    • The peak wavelength;
    • The spectral emission bandwidth;
    • The date of issue and the revision number.