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China Issues National Standard for Electric Toys

December 17, 2015

CHINA - The Standardization Administration of China (SAC) has issued the National Standard of the P.R.C. Safety of Electric Toys, defining electric toys as any product or material designed or clearly intended for play by children less than 14 years of age and having at least one function dependent on electricity.

The standard also identifies the following markings:

  • Rated voltage in volts (V)
  • AC or DC symbol, if applicable
  • Rated input power, watts (W) or volt-ampere  (VA), if the input power is greater than 25 W or 25 VA
  • Toy transformer symbol, which should be marked on the packaging

The standard applies to the whole range electric toys from small button cell operated lights to large sit-on cars powered by lead-acid cells.

This standard replaces GB19865-2005 "electrical toy safety". A public consultation is open for this until December 28, 2015.