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Carbon announces UL certification of their resin for 3D Printing

June 19, 2017

Carbon, dedicated to creating the broadest range of high resolution, fully dense, production-quality materials in additive manufacturing, announced their Rigid Polyurethane 70 (RPU 70) is the first UV printable material for additive manufacturing to receive the UL 94 HB flammability classification.

RPU 70 is a tough, rigid material that has already found production applications across a range of industries including consumer goods, industrial equipment, automotive, and information technology. With the UL 94 HB classification, manufacturers can now extend RPU 70’s use into applications that require horizontal flammability resistance, such as small aerospace parts, consumer electronics, appliances, and medical devices.

"UL has been evaluating, testing, and certifying innovative plastics for over 75 years and Carbon's RPU 70 is the first UV printed resin for additive manufacturing to receive a UL 94 HB certification. With this certification, Carbon can now offer their tested and certified material to manufacturers who are focusing on 3D printed components and parts for their production applications."

- Mette Pederson, VP & GM of UL Performance Materials

“Carbon’s material innovations continue to set the pace for additive manufacturing. We are excited to learn that Carbon’s RPU 70 resin became the world’s first dual-cure polymer resin to receive the UL 94 HB certification for additive manufacturing. TTH is excited about the possibilities this certification unlocks. We look forward to working with customers to make 3D printed production parts that are tough, rigid and have flammability resistance.”

- Chip Gear, CEO, The Technology House

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