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Canada Gazette Publishes Part I of the Proposed Changes on Food Labeling

July 27, 2015

Canada Gazette has published Part I of the proposed changes made on food labeling. The proposed changes aims to reflect the latest science and eating habits of Canadians. The proposed changes are also based from the feedback received from the Canadians and stakeholders in 2014.

The proposed changes are:

  • Regulating the serving sizes to make them consistent and realistic. This change will make it easier for Canadians to compare similar foods. It will also help them make in-formed food choices for themselves and their families.
  • Making it easier to find information on serving size and calories.
  • Adding a footnote at the bottom of the nutrition facts table to explain how to use percent daily value (% DV). This footnote will help consumers know how much of a nutrient a serving of food contains. It explains that:
    • 5% or less is a little
    • 15% or more is a lot
  • Improving the labelling of sugars. A new % DV for sugars will tell Canadians whether a food has a little or a lot of sugars. In the list of ingredients, sugars will be grouped. This will help consumers see how much added sugars are included compared to other ingredients. It will also help consumers identify un-familiar sources of sugars, such as:
    • Fancy molasses
    • Malted barley
    • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Making the ingredient list and information on allergens easier to find and read.
  • Identifying the food colors by their common name in the list of ingredients. This will help consumers who have sensitivities to certain food col-ours to avoid those ingredients when shopping for food.
  • Allowing the use of a new health claim: “A healthy diet rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits may help reduce the risk of heart disease.”A public consultation for the proposed changes is open until August 27, 2015.