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BULLETIN: Proprietary Structured Cabling Programs (VZZX)

November 4, 2018

November 1, 2018

Subjects 444 and 2965

TO:  Subscribers to UL’s Certification Services for: Local Area Network (LAN) Cable Verified in Accordance With National or International Specifications (DVBI); Communications Cables (DUZX); Communications Cable Assemblies (DUNH); Communication Circuit Accessories (DUXR)

SUBJECT: Proprietary Structured Cabling Programs (VZZX)

This bulletin will serve as the testing and Follow-Up Service reference document for UL’s Proprietary Structured Cabling Program and replaces UL’s May 1, 2013 Bulletin on the same subject. This bulletin will be updated as needed, when new or revised requirements are introduced into UL’s LAN Performance Verification Programs. This bulletin can be accessed at:

Proprietary Structured Cabling Programs

Download file:

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