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BULLETIN: Patch Cord - Communications Cables (DUZX), Assemblies (DUNH), and Circuit Accessories (DUXR)

September 11, 2015

September 9, 2014

Subjects 444, 1677 and 1863

TO: Subscribers to UL's Certification Services for: Communications Cables (DUZX), Communications Cable Assemblies (DUNH), and  Communication Circuit Accessories (DUXR)

SUBJECT:  Test and Follow-Up Service Requirements for the Performance Certification (Verification) of Communication Cable Assemblies (DUNH) – Patch Cord and Jumper Products under UL Product Category “Communications Cable Assemblies Verified in Accordance with National or International Specifications (DVBH)”

Based on industry demand and changes to national and international product Standards, UL has decided to reintroduce the Patch Cord and Jumper Product Performance Certification program. Other connecting hardware such asjacks, plugs, terminal blocks, patch panels, etc. are not currently covered under this service offering.

The attached Performance Certification Program does not differ technically from the program previously offered and now also includes the Category 6A performance category designation.


The Performance Certification Service offers two options:

  1. Certification Service – Under this option, there is both initial qualification testing and ongoing compliance testing. Products in compliance with the applicable performance standard are authorized to bear the UL Verification Mark, as described in this bulletin and appear in UL’s published records as Verified products.
  2. Letter report Service - Under this option, there is one-time Verification testing, with no ongoing compliance testing.


Participation in this Program is an optional service. Subscribers are required to have their products evaluated before being authorized to apply the UL Performance Certification Mark.

Both Listed and non-UL Listed products may be submitted for evaluation under this Program and the attached Appendix will describe how these products will be differentiated in UL Procedure documentation.


This revised Performance Certification Program is in effect as of the date of this bulletin.

Manufacturers interested in participating in the attached Performance Certification Program may contact Mr. Robert Bellassai, using the contact information below.


Patch Cord Bulletin.pdf