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Batteries in the Grid


June 20, 2018

The Importance of Battery Performance in Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage is an important part of today’s modern power grids, and understanding the performance of an energy storage system (ESS) is critical to overall system success. In UL’s recent whitepaper, “Performance of Batteries in Grid-Connected Energy Storage Systems,” we are taking a closer look at one element of an effective ESS: The battery system.

More specifically, this white paper addresses evaluation methods, performance parameters and the importance of the evaluator’s knowledge of advanced battery systems working in this capacity. Though there are several components in an ESS that are covered under separate documents, we decided to address battery systems specifically as they are often the key to effective ESS performance.

To learn more about battery systems for ESS and the importance of third-party performance data for these systems, read “Performance of Batteries in Grid-Connected Energy Storage Systems” download the whitepaper now or let us know how we can help.