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Bahrain Launches Air Conditioner EE Verification Platform

UL is now able to review air conditioners for registration in Bahrain and issue the Energy Efficiency Rating Label.

ULs Notified Body Status for Bahrain EE Scheme

June 3, 2021

UL is increasing its global presence with a key new service in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Bahrain Testing and Metrology Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (BTMD), in cooperation with the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO), launched a new online platform and procedure for the registration of energy-efficient products, integrated with the Gulf Conformity Tracking system.

Manufacturers must register all air conditioners falling under the Bahrain Energy Efficiency Regulation (Ministerial Decree 70/2015), already in force. This process requires approval from an appointed Notified Body before products may enter Bahrain.

The new procedure is in force as of April 1, 2021. UL Demko is accredited by Bahrain authorities as a Notified Body authorized to operate in the registration platform and perform reviews.

The Energy Efficiency Rating Label (EE) to be applied on household and commercial air conditioners includes a QR code that is specific to each model. After completion of registration, the Notified Body delivers the label to the manufacturer.

What is changing:

  • The platform directs the application to one of the accredited Notified Bodies (not to Bahrain authority EWA).
  • The manufacturer may now submit the request and application directly instead of relying upon local importers.
  • The Bahrain government has established a new register of approved products:
  • With the same access granted for the Gulf Conformity Tracking System for Gulf Low Voltage certification (G-Mark) and Oman EER, manufacturers may use the platform to check the status of their approvals, track expiration dates and proceed with annual reconfirmation.
Reference Regulation Ministerial Decree No 70/2015 "On the approval of the Energy Efficiency Energy Regulations for air conditioners"
Products involved Air conditioners with capacity up to and including 70000 Btu/h (20kW).
Test Options EE Test Reports issued by EE Test Reports issued by a laboratory with ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by an ILAC MRA Signatory or EE Test Reports issued by a laboratory operating under a Notified Body. Test method is based on ISO 5151 and ISO 13253.

How UL can help you

  • UL is ready to assist with your testing needs and can offer testing for multiple standards at one time: a flexible, faster and attractive unified solution.
  • UL can support Bahrain EE technical approval and registration. Moreover, as an approved GSO Notified Body, UL can issue the Gulf Type Examination certificate to cover safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, a prerequisite for Bahrain EE approval.
  • UL is a trusted, valued organization within the GCC region and worldwide. We help air conditioning manufacturers with energy efficiency testing in our accredited laboratories in China, Thailand and the United States.
  • Air conditioning products tested for EE schemes in GCC countries can benefit from the UL Energy Verified Mark. The Mark is internationally recognized and can be placed on the product or product-related marketing material and underlines the trustworthiness of the energy efficiency data.
Download our Energy Verified Mark info sheet

Energy Verified Mark

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