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ASTM Releases Textile Standards

March 10, 2016

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has released the following textile standards.

ASTM D1776 / D1776M - 16 - Standard Practice for Conditioning and Testing Textiles Provides details on the conditioning and testing of textiles wherein such conditioning is specified in a test method. D13.51: Conditioning, Chemical and Thermal Properties
ASTM D3787 - 16 - Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textiles—Constant-Rate-of-Traverse (CRT) Ball Burst Test Provides details on a test method that determines the ball bursting strength of textiles. D13.59: Fabric Test Methods, General
ASTM D6193 - 16 - Standard Practice for Stitches and Seams Provides details on the requirements and characteristics of stitches and seams used in the fabrication of sewn items D13.54: Subassemblies
ASTM D7138 - 16 - Standard Test Method to Determine Melting Temperature of Synthetic Fibers Provides details on the determination of melting temperature of thermoplastic fibers, yarns, or threads. D13.51: Conditioning, Chemical and Thermal Properties