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7 Digital Chemical Marketing Strategies

April 4, 2020

Because of in-person event cancellations, many companies are having to adjust their 2020 chemical marketing plans. The scramble to shift to new digital marketing tactics can be a challenge. At Prospector we’ve been offering digital marketing solutions to the chemical and plastics industry for over 20 years. We have the expertise and the products to partner with you to optimize your digital marketing efforts.

Below are 7 digital marketing strategies, the goals they can help you accomplish, and how Prospector can partner with you on your selected chemical marketing tactics.

Digital marketing strategies


  • Blogs, also called articles, help drive traffic to your website to generate awareness, leads, and ultimately sales.
  • Promoting your articles through the Prospector Newsletter as a sponsored article is a great way to boost visibility of your content to thousands of qualified product developers. Our newsletters are distributed on a regular basis and have industry leading click-through rates. Partnering with Prospector helps to simplify the promotion and distribution of your content.

SEO + Web Content

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and web content centered on strategic keywords helps people find your products. This is crucial since most buyers conduct product research long before reaching out to your sales team. Keeping up with public search engine algorithms and which search terms to use in your web content can take a lot of time and expertise.
  •  The analytics portion of Connect can help your team quickly and easily understand which of your products are seeing the most traffic on Prospector and which keywords are helping formulators find you. It’s likely that the trends your products are experiencing on Prospector would also extend to other public search engines.

White Papers and E-books

  • Like blogs, white papers and e-books can drive traffic to your website. But more importantly, they can help position your company as a thought leader in a particular area. And when gated, white papers and e-books can help you gather new contacts or leads.
  • By leveraging Prospector’s targeted emails, we can help distribute your white paper to thousands of qualified product developers and engineers. This helps make the most of the time and effort you put into creating your content by extending the reach of your white paper or e-book beyond your existing customers and prospects.

Pay Per Click

  • Pay Per Click campaigns help you reach the top of search engine results by bidding on specific terms. Similar to SEO, it’s critical to have insights into your search and keyword trends.
  • The analytics portion of Connect can help you understand which keywords are popular and should be considered for your Pay Per Click campaigns. Additionally, Prospector Sponsored Search can provide your products more visibility on Prospector by elevating your product listing when formulators search for relevant keywords.

Specialized Search Engines

  • Listing your products on specialized search engines like Prospector places your listings in front of qualified product developers. Most Prospector users are decision makers or influencers who depend on Prospector to select materials. Leveraging industry search engines like Prospector can help you direct your chemical marketing efforts towards a concentrated audience likely to purchase your products.


  • Webinars can be a great way to launch a new product or speak in depth about products and trends that are relevant to the industry. They can be a good alternative to presentations that you may have had planned for a trade show. While webinars are a useful tool in the current environment, they can be time consuming to coordinate.
  • Prospector can help you quickly and easily conduct a webinar. Your team only has to come up with the content and speaker and Prospector handles the rest. Prospector promotes your webinar to our audience of product developers, facilities the webinar, and then posts the recording for you. Post-event analysis and contact information for those who attended the webinar or downloaded the presentation is also provided.

We’re here to partner with you on your chemical marketing plans. We can help make 2020 a little easier and less chaotic for you.

For more information, visit our Marketing Services page.


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