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eLearning Social Compliance and Remediation Trainings for Factory Managers

UL Solutions is here to help you increase your understanding of social compliance principles for the Chinese market.

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Social compliance can be a challenging topic for manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and brands, but UL Solutions is here to help. UL Solutions now offers social compliance and remediation training virtually on our eLearning platform for factory managers. Each session is designed to cover a specific topic in a short time frame, providing learners with insight to basic social compliance subjects such as emergency evacuations, hiring practices, wages and benefits and more. Training is offered in simplified Chinese for in-region support and to cover common, law-based issues in China. The training is relevant to factory managers, brands, vendors, suppliers or any supply chain members interested in improving understanding of social compliance principles.

eLearning training for the China market includes:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Hiring practices
  • Wage and benefits
  • Working hours
  • Common issues and risk prevention in dispatching works
  • Occupational health protection
  • Licenses and permits on environmental 
  • Common issues of health and safety

Visit our eLearning platform to see which training best fits your needs. Click “Supplier Social Compliance” trainings in the left-hand navigation to view our social compliance and remediation eLearning options or explore our eLearning platform for other available trainings. 

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