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UL Security Solutions

In an interconnected world, securing your digital data and connected devices may be the biggest challenge you have to face. UL’s security solutions can ease that challenge by helping you build a safer, more secure network.

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As more devices, appliances, vehicles and infrastructure come online and share data, our interconnected and cashless ecosystems grow. Unfortunately, so do our security challenges. Governments and businesses are working with us to vigorously eliminate their vulnerabilities and protect commerce, critical infrastructure, patient safety and privacy. If digital security isn’t your number one area of expertise, you may want our help too. Our security solutions address and help solve all of the challenges that your infrastructure may face—making it easier to build a network that you and your customers can count on.  


Security is only as strong as its weakest link. We can help you implement a holistic approach to security—from product and secure system integration to infrastructure testing, certification and maintenance—to help ensure that every link in your chain is as strong as it should be. Our full suite of digital security solutions can help you reduce your risks and vulnerabilities, develop products faster, and build stronger consumer confidence. In a digital landscape, advantages like these can put you ahead of the competition. 

Why UL

UL helps our customers to implement a holistic approach to security — from product and secure system integration to testing, certification and maintenance of entire infrastructures. We have worked with clients to strengthen their security for more than 100 leading banks, 60 mobile networks, and 50 government and transit operators worldwide.

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