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A hotel lobby with both luminaires and natural light sources that create a welcoming atmosphere
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Stores and Hospitality Lighting

Engage with UL Solutions for testing, certification and connected lighting solutions for stores and hospitality settings.

Stores and hospitality lighting in the marketplace 

In both retail stores and hotels and other hospitality spaces, the right illumination is a major factor in enhancing the atmosphere and contributing to the customer experience. 

Beyond the usual considerations for safety, performance and energy efficiency, illumination is used in retail and hospitality applications to encourage longer stays and properly showcase the products being sold. The flexibility, reliability and quality of the lighting products are therefore key elements for success, and the advancement of LED technology over the years has opened up more opportunities to refresh the look and feel of your business.  

In addition to functional illumination, appropriate levels of light can influence the way customers perceive the color of a product, or in a restaurant setting, can contribute to the ambiance. Downlights and recessed luminaires provide basic but efficient lighting while linear lighting above can highlight specific product groups, and a huge variety of color temperatures can be leveraged to draw the eye. 

UL Solutions can help you navigate the myriad of products intended for retail and hospitality applications, including the testing and certification requirements for the specific global markets where you intend to sell your products. 

Connected lighting

Connected lighting products are quickly becoming critical in stores and hospitality settings. New lighting technologies provide tremendous flexibility and control of the illumination for specific applications and also allow for the ability to monitor occupancy, guide customers throughout a store, and apply human-centric lighting (HCL) solutions and benefits. UL Solutions can help support your system-level product offerings with cybersecurity, interoperability and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing, including DALI2 communication protocols. We also maintain accreditations for key wireless technologies like Bluetooth®, Zigbee and Thread.

Ultraviolet lighting and germicidal

During the global pandemic, stores and hospitality spaces have a heightened necessity for sterilization. Ultraviolet (UV) lighting and germicidal products are top of mind in this marketplace, and We can help manufacturers navigate this quickly growing field. Our resources provide guidance on product types using UVC radiation in consumer, commercial, professional and medical environments. 

Whatever your lighting project, contact us today to get the conversation started on how UL Solutions can help.

UL Solutions services for stores and hospitality lighting 

UL Solutions offers the full range of evaluation services for safety testing and performance based on all international standards such as UL and IEC/EN. We also provide global market access through a worldwide network of laboratories.
For new constructions and special installations, UL Solutions’ Field Engineering Team can conduct field evaluations to confirm compliance. Site-specific field evaluations help regulatory authorities determine the compliance of a product, leading to approval of the installation. Our evaluation process consists of documentation review, visual and mechanical inspection, suitability for installation in accordance with the adopted installation code(s) such as the National Electrical Code® (NEC), applicable testing and an engineering report. UL Solutions’ Field Evaluation services can be requested by anyone involved with the product including business owners, manufacturers and contractors.

Safety testing and certification for stores and hospitality lighting 

Our safety evaluations assess risks for fire, electric shock injury, contact burns and mechanical injury due to mounting means failure or instability. Most luminaires are evaluated for compliance with UL 1598, the Standard for Luminaires, or IEC/EN 60598. UL 8750, the Standard for Light Emitting Diode (LED) Equipment for Use in Lighting Products, is utilized for LED lighting products.

Visit our Lighting Safety Testing and Certification page for more information, or visit our Lighting Global Market Access page for country-specific information. 

Ultraviolet and germicidal lighting for stores and hospitality lighting 

In addition to safety testing and certification, certain specialized luminaires, such as those that emit ultraviolet (UV) light for disinfection purposes, are also evaluated for additional biological risks associated with their operation. As retailers and hospitality companies are making changes to their properties, such as new cleaning protocols, redesigning lobby layouts along with restaurants and elevators, keeping ahead of the latest UVC technology is critical.

Visit our Products with Ultraviolet Radiation page for more information on UVC and germicidal lighting. 

Performance testing for stores and hospitality lighting 

Performance tests and energy efficiency programs vary by region. We can help you meet local requirements and regional regulations with our global network of approved ENEC and ENEC+ CB test laboratories for lighting products, and we hold accreditation and recognition for many regional and global energy efficiency programs. We also supports testing for inclusion in programs such as the DesignLights Consortium’s Qualified Products List (QPL) in North America.

Visit our Lighting Performance page for more detailed information on performance testing, or visit our Lighting Global Market Access page for country-specific information.

Connected solutions for stores and hospitality lighting 

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for wired and wireless communication and interoperability in retail stores and hospitality settings is a critical area to address. Your lighting products' emission and immunity regarding electromagnetic waves may have local or regional requirements that vary widely.

UL Solutions has an accredited test house for DALI2 and D4i, Bluetooth®, Zigbee and Thread testing, with services that cover relevant communication technologies in lighting. We also offer interoperability services to test the reliability of mobile phone and app communications to help ensure a consistent user experience.

Visit our Connected Lighting page for more connected solutions. 

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