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Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing

Our testing program saves you time and money by quickly determining if the addition of new, minor components, such as fastening tapes and tie cords, will be detrimental to the major components of your existing electrical insulation system.

Electrical components in a sealed tube that will be used for testing.

What is Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing?  

After completion of a full thermal-aging GPM test program, you may wish to add new nonelectrical insulating materials (NIM) components to an electrical insultation system (EIS). These NIM components — formerly known as minor components — may include fastening tapes, tie cords, balancing compounds and other materials commonly used in mechanical applications. UL Solutions' Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing is an efficient way to help ensure that these components meet industry standards for quality and safety.

Testing is conducted by sealing all GPM tested materials and additional new materials in glass tubes. The materials are then aged for two weeks at the established EIS temperature rating, plus 25 degrees Celsius. After aging, dielectric strength testing is conducted on the winding wire insulation to determine if the new materials have caused any additional degradation. Sealed-tube conditioning lasts two weeks, but the entire investigation may take up to six weeks to complete. This Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing is aligned with a similar program proposed for inclusion in International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61858.   

Benefits of Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing  

Our Sealed Tube Chemical Compatibility Testing aims to save you time and money. Rather than conducting another full thermal aging program to address the chemical compatibility of these minor components, Sealed Tube Testing quickly determines if the gaseous degradation byproducts of these materials will be detrimental to the major components of your EIS. This can help speed up your time to market, giving you an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Testing and certifying insulation systems with UL Solutions

We have a unique way of evaluating and certifying insulation systems. In addition to assessing insulation materials as individual components, we also evaluate the applicable system as a whole. This allows us to determine if components interact in unsafe ways or react chemically at certain maximum temperatures, which may cause product failure or other hazards to occur. 

We are constantly expanding our insulations systems portfolio to better serve component manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Having access to our full suite of services, along with our technical team, allows you to easily keep pace with the new technological developments in your respective industry. That’s how we help you achieve what’s possible. 


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