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General Purpose Model (GPM) Testing and Certification

Our full-service approach to General Purpose Model testing provides third-party Verification of your products while simplifying the certification process.

A close-up image of insulation wiring.

UL Solutions' General Purpose Models (GPM) testing 

We offer in-house General Purpose Models (GPM) assembly in addition to full thermal-aging testing, allowing you to enjoy the ease of comprehensive certification services from a single-source compliance organization. 

GPM, formerly known as Motorettes, are non-functional test samples designed specifically for testing. These models represent all major electrical insulating materials of a functional product, including grounding/interwinding insulation and winding wires. Grounding/interwinding insulation materials are used to isolate the winding wires from the grounded, metal frame while also separating the windings at different potentials. Like functional products, these nonfunctional samples are tested in accordance with UL 1446 and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61857-21.

Benefits of GPM testing

Our GPM Testing offers many advantages over traditional sample testing, including the ability to test multiple alternative insulation materials and wire types simultaneously. We are currently the only third-party certifier offering GPM Testing and assembly under one roof and our full-service approach simplifies the UL Certification process.

Why UL Solutions for GPM testing and certification

UL Solutions uniquely evaluates and certifies insulation systems. In addition to assessing insulation materials as individual components, we also evaluate the applicable system as a whole. This allows us to determine if components interact in unsafe ways or react chemically at certain maximum temperatures, which may cause product failure or other hazards to occur.

Plus, we’re committed to being your single-source service provider, which is why we are constantly expanding our insulations systems portfolio to better serve component manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Having access to our full suite of services, along with our technical team, allows you to easily keep pace with the new technological developments in your respective industry. That’s how we help you achieve what’s possible.


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