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Defined Life Thermal Aging Certification

An easier, faster and more affordable pathway to certification for insulation systems than our traditional program.

A UL laboratory worker examining a wire board.


Our Defined Life Thermal Aging (DLTA) Certification program is intended for insulation systems that are used in applications where the operational designed service life is 5,000 hours or less. You can find the test requirements covered in IEC 61857 Part 31, Applications with a designed life of 5,000 h or less.


We created the DLTA certification program as an alternative to the full thermal aging program, because we understand that you need your systems to be certified quickly and you need it done in a cost-efficient manner. Since DLTA is only used to evaluate an electrical insulation system (EIS) with a design life of 1,500, 2,500, 4,000 or 5,000 hours, it requires fewer samples and less testing time than the traditional program, saving you time and money. This is just one way that our resources and industry expertise enables us to customize our services to better meet your needs.

Why UL Solutions 

We have a unique way of evaluating and certifying insulation systems. In addition to assessing insulation materials as individual components, we also evaluate the applicable system as a whole. This allows us to determine if components interact in unsafe ways or react chemically at certain maximum temperatures, which may cause product failure or other hazards to occur.

Plus, we’re committed to being your single-source service provider, which is why we are constantly expanding our insulations systems portfolio to better serve component manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Having access to our full-suite of services, along with our technical team, allows you to easily keep pace with the new technological developments in your respective industry. That’s how we help you achieve what’s possible.

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Learn more about DLTA for Electrical Insulation Materials and Systems by downloading our DLTA White Paper.

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