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Scope 3 Carbon Advisory and Reporting Services

UL Solutions' experienced advisory team combined with our ESG software solutions, can help you on your journey to effective management, reporting and disclosure.

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UL Solutions’ experienced team will help you address the complex data and reporting challenges of scope 3 emissions across your value chain, delivering tangible benefits to your organization such as; brand reputation, investor attractiveness and efficiency gains.

Gathering and reporting scope 3 data is complex – UL Solutions can help

All organizations are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions. Increased pressure from investors, customers and regulators means that businesses must make concerted efforts to reduce carbon emissions across their entire value chain. This includes upstream and downstream emissions such as purchased goods and services, employee commuting and travel, together with the processing and usage of sold goods and leased assets.

Engaging with your value chain end-to-end can be complicated. The supplied data can be inconsistent and unfocused, and analyzing and reporting is often time-consuming and costly.

Build confidence and trust in your scope 3 data reporting

Our dedicated and experienced sustainability team, combined with award-winning 360 sustainability and ESG software, will guide you through a four-step process supporting you through your journey from end to end and beyond.

Discover – We work with you to fully explore your greenhouse gas strategy and reporting requirements, benchmark and support in science-based target setting

Define – develop the proposed methodology and indicator structure

Deliver – implement software solutions, migrate data and test

Drive – manage and improve performance, forecasting and scenario modeling

Deliver quality and enhance brand reputation

UL Solutions’ sustainability team delivers relevant, consistent data across your supply chain for all stakeholders. We work with you to provide a robust comparison of emissions and produce transparent and accurate reporting structured around science-based targets that demonstrate your commitment to the environment and sustainability goals.

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Gathering and reporting scope 3 data can be complex. Complete our short eight-question assessment and find out where you are on your scope 3 journey, and how we can help you.

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