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Regulatory and Compliance Learning Essentials

Access the foundational safety and compliance knowledge you need with our Product Safety and Compliance Fundamentals e-learning suite.

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Overview of Regulatory and Compliance Essentials

Regulatory and Compliance Essentials is a first-of-its-kind e-learning suite that provides standardized education on critical safety and regulatory requirements related to products.

Code Authorities and Codes: NEC® and NFPA 70E

The key to designing products for installation is understanding the core requirements of regulatory codes and the relationship between the product, code authorities and certification bodies, such as UL Solutions. These modules will help you understand and help protect the people and equipment that must comply with codes such as the NEC® and NFPA 70E.

Conformity Assessments

Learn a framework for analyzing and understanding conformity assessment practices by exploring the demand drivers for conformity, methods to demonstrate conformity and concepts to help increase the likelihood of assessment fulfillment critical to anyone relying upon, completing or providing conformity assessment. Completion earns continuing education units (CEUs).

Critical Components

Gain knowledge of certification criteria and safe design practices for common product components that are critical to the integrity of new products subject to certification and follow-up surveillance. Topics cover a range of key components from common plastics to complex high-tech subassemblies and industrial controls. Completion awards CEUs.

Electrical Safety

Mitigating electrical and fire risks are at the heart of product safety and compliance. Explore the hazard and mitigation techniques associated with electricity-related injuries as well as key practices for use of electrical insulation, information on clearance and creepage determinations, and much more. Completion awards CEUs.

Global Market Access

Learn what’s necessary to build a global compliance strategy for your product and take a deeper look into the compliance requirements of a variety of regions around the world. You’ll gain an understanding of everything from mandatory certifications and voluntary safety marks to privately issued requirements and the process for obtaining certification in a specific country or region. Completion awards CEUs.

Global Directives

Accessing the global marketplace means understanding the directives that facilitate product safety across countries. Understand the materials, chemicals and environmental restrictions required to access the European Union as well as how they impact those in the manufacturing supply chain. Completion awards CEUs.

Hazardous Locations Risks

Discover specific risks as well as the concepts for intrinsic safety and how to identify, classify and control hazardous locations.

Hazard-Based Safety Engineering

Understand product safety design strategies in terms of fundamental engineering concepts. Learn how to apply hazard-based safety engineering (HBSE) principles and risk management techniques in a variety of ways by analyzing sources of hazardous energy and exploring HBSE models such as the injury fault tree model and the energy transfer model. Completion awards CEUs.

Processes and Tools

Learn tools to get to market faster and with fewer variations by harnessing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. These modules cover different tools used in building a Lean Six Sigma process, the roles necessary for a successful implementation and a case study demonstrating the concepts in practice. Completion awards CEUs.

Regulatory and Trade/Government Affairs

Explore the role the United States’ product safety system plays in trade facilitation for manufacturers. Learn about the role of government programs and key organizations impacting products for the U.S. market as well as the importance of voluntary consensus standards in the absence of federal regulation. Completion awards CEUs.

Safety Standards

Gain an extensive understanding of regulatory standards for products including insight into how standards are created, the harmonization of international standards, as well as how standards are applied through different codes, certification programs and governing authorities. Completion awards CEUs. Many topic areas include multiple course offerings.

Supply Connections

Learn basic safety requirements and installation codes for permanently wired connections and plug and cord connections for electrical equipment. Completion awards CEUs.

Transaction Security

Build knowledge around near field communication (NFC) and machine to machine (M2M) transactional security technologies incorporated into a variety of consumer technology products. Completion awards CEUs.

Wireless Requirements

Explore the process for certification of products utilizing radio and wireless technology when accessing new markets.

Annual Subscription

Subscribe your entire organization or a set number of users to the full program.  Call 888.503.5536 to speak with a representative.

Benefits of UL Solutions regulatory compliance programs

Our course offerings are intended to educate anyone involved in the product development process to address skill gaps and systematically upgrade organizational knowledge. 

The program includes topics across a spectrum of focus areas, including hazard-based safety engineering, global market access, code compliance, conformity assessment, access to target markets (including China, Korea, India, Europe and South America), ENERGY STAR® and more. 

Regulatory and Compliance Essentials is available for individual access or companywide subscription that allows all users to access the entire suite. Coursework is eligible for obtaining continuing education units (CEUs) upon completion. Please verify applicability with your professional board or local jurisdiction.  

Why UL Solutions for regulatory compliance

Leverage our experience across industries and the global marketplace to expand your company’s business-relevant knowledge and skills. We develop, facilitate and deliver world-class knowledge and skills-based training content across your enterprise. From professional certifications to staying ahead of the curve on compliance issues, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your team expand your knowledge and skills.