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Predictive Modeling and Simulation

Empower trust in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-based products by leveraging virtual testing to support certification decisions.

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Predictive modeling and simulation are important tools for reducing product design and development lifecycles and providing real-time insights into product performance. At UL, we are expanding the usage of such tools to now support regulatory and compliance decisions for your products and build trust in the development of your models.

Whether leveraging physics or engineering-based modeling solutions to enhance your design process or embedding machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) into products, it is important to establish that the model and its predictions are suitable and rigorous enough to confidently inform regulatory and product compliance.


To date, few efforts have been made to bridge the regulatory, compliance, or critical safety considerations to the product design stage.

Why UL

UL, as an independent body that has a long history of evaluating the safety of products and systems, can now provide the same assessment earlier in the product lifecycle through emerging technologies. UL empowers trust in the safety and reliability of your use of modeling and simulation.

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Virtual Testing to Support Certification Decisions

We can validate your high-fidelity, high-confidence predictive models for appropriateness and accuracy to support certification and product compliance decisions.

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ML/AI Model Trustworthiness

Many products are incorporating algorithms based on machine learning approaches, to help support decisions within products. UL can assess the trustworthiness of your ML/AI based product.

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