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UL’s Modeling and Simulation Services for Certification Advance Product Safety in Industrial Automation

UL harnesses the power of virtual testing to support certification decisions.

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November 2, 2020

Northbrook, Ill., Nov. 2, 2020 – UL, a leading global safety science company, today announced an industry-first modeling and simulation-based service that helps build a pathway to certification. This service helps customers employ digital modeling tools to support the certification process while delivering greater product insight, more innovative designs and reduced time to market. The modeling and simulation service also harnesses the power of UL’s longstanding model verification and validation process to help establish the credibility of a computational model.

“Establishing the credibility of a model where the results can be trusted to support any decision, whether a design or certification decision, is a critical need in industry,” said Mahmood Tabaddor, manager of the Predictive Modeling and Analytics team at UL. “As a trusted partner, UL empowers its customers to bring their innovations to market more quickly and efficiently but just as safely.”

By employing digital modeling tools to support the certification process, UL’s customers receive product performance and safety insights that help reduce physical in-laboratory testing and helps identify potential issues prior to any physical testing.  

“Modeling and simulation technologies help reduce product development cycles and provide real-time, product performance insights for our customers,” said Dirk Mueller, a principal engineering manager in UL’s Energy and Power Technologies division.  “At UL, we are harnessing these tools to continue our already well-established history of supporting regulatory and compliance decisions for our customers’ components, products and systems.”

Advancing the use of modeling and simulation requires a collaboration along the entire digital supply chain. UL helps build relationships within the digital supply chain in between component providers, end product manufacturers, modeling and simulation software vendors, and others. According to Hassan Moezzi, CEO of Future Facilities, producers of the modeling and simulation software 6SigmaET, “We are excited that UL are endorsing thermal simulation for certification of electronics equipment. This gives the industry confidence in the use of modeling and simulation techniques and helps our customers extend the value of such tools.”

To share more about how modeling and simulation services can help with the journey to certification, UL hosted a webinar on Nov. 10 showcasing a case study demonstrating the successful application of the service with a large manufacturer. To watch the on-demand webinar, please use this link.

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