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Modeling and Simulation for Compliance

This webinar provides insights about how modeling and simulation contribute to the certification process. Learn about an interesting use case and how UL helps to facilitate innovation.

Engineers working with a 3D Model

Modeling and simulation have been used for decades with different objectives. With the prevailing trend of the perfectly connected supply chain, modeling and simulation can contribute to accelerate product certification. While many tools and approaches are available, a robust verification and validation concept is essential for the acceptance of simulation models as part of a safety certification. Modeling and simulation does not eliminate the need to test a physical component, product or system that is subject to the certification at the end of the process.

As a trusted partner for safe innovation, UL explores the feasibility of providing simulation models as part of the compliance effort in close cooperation with key industry leaders.

Key topics:

  • Introduction to modeling and simulation as well as the importance of verification and validation
  • How modeling and simulation may be integrated into the certification process
  • The thermal simulation of a power drive system
  • How an effective tool helps reduce efforts and time


  • Winfried Glück, Certification, Safety & Cybersecurity, DI MC TTI T&E CSS, Siemens AG
  • Tobias Best, General Manager, ALPHA-Numerics GmbH
  • Dirk Müller, Manager, Principal Engineers (PDE)
  • Mahmood Tabaddor, Manager, Predictive Modeling and Analytics

Webinar date
Nov. 10, 2020

Modeling and simulation for compliance