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Modeling and Simulation for Compliance

Modeling and simulation for compliance creates significant efficiency gains during product development

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Modeling and Simulation (M&S) for Compliance is a unique program that can help accelerate product certification and allow for certification to integrate into a model-based engineering approach. The program allows for the use of data generated by M&S of product tests to be used to support certification decisions. The physical-testing intensive nature of certification can now benefit from the value of M&S such as reduced need for physical testing, lower number of physical prototypes, earlier insight into product performance and quick assessment of product design revisions. At the end of the process, a physical component, product or system that is ultimately subject to the certification is the result.

How UL Solutions helps

The decision to use M&S-generated data to support certification requires a strong level of trust in the predictions. To meet this challenge, we have created an Independent Model Verification and Validation (IMV&V) process to help establish the integrity of any M&S predictions. A robust verification and validation is essential for the acceptance of simulation models as part of safety certification. A model of a product test that has been successfully assessed through the IMV&V process is now available to support certification of a product for future product revisions.

Our IMV&V process generates a report that can be leveraged for product revisions throughout the product life cycle. This reduces your cost and accelerates time to market significantly. The IMV&V report can help you navigate the rigor and establishes the integrity of modeling and simulation for compliance.

In addition, the building of product models can require digital representations of components that are not readily available from the supply chain. We can help support the sharing of digital models of components among supply chain suppliers while ensuring trustworthiness of the digital data.  

UL Solutions services for modeling and simulation (M&S)

Our offerings include:

  • M&S for compliance strategy workshop
  • IMV&V assessment
  • M&S software verification and validation assessment
  • Design and running of model validation tests
  • Direct  M&S services 

Our services in detail:

  • Building a strategy to approach M&S for compliance effectively
    We start with a workshop conducted by simulation and compliance experts. They work with you to scope your needs and determine potential compliance challenges early on — including identifying some of the risks and determine relevant submodels — throughout the simulation process. You learn about the IMV&V concept as an important element for regulatory compliance.
  • Modeling and simulation software verification and validation assessment
    We provide a validation report of the simulation tools in accordance with key aspects relevant for the integrity and acceptance of a model for certification. UL Solutions-validated software not only increases the value of the tool but also the acceptance of a model.
  • Modeling and simulation expertise
    We support you with a well-established team of experienced modeling experts across a broad range of industries and applications.
  • Independent Model Validation and Verification (IMV&V)
    We formally assess the M&S submission package and the corresponding test as defined in the product standard. You receive a comprehensive report that provides valuable insights to a framework of modeling and simulation for compliance.
  • Validation tests
    We support you with the physical tests in accordance with the defined scope to drive consistency and integrity of the simulation models.

Why UL Solutions

We have more than 125 years of history empowering trust in compliance activities. With the advent of new digital technologies, the requirements for trust are still being developed. Our combined experience and knowledge in compliance, testing, modeling and simulation, and product safety make us uniquely qualified to support the use of M&S in compliance. Our IMV&V process is the first process of its kind in enabling the use of M&S to meet the rigorous requirements of compliance. For any manufacturer who wishes to benefit from M&S throughout the lifecycle of their product, we are your partner.

The benefits of working with us are:

  • Reduced number of building prototypes and physical testing
  • Overall accelerated time to market
  • Digitized supply chain connectivity
  • Increased quality consistency

“Establishing the credibility of a model where the results can be trusted to support any decision, whether a design or certification decision, is a critical need in industry,” said Mahmood Tabaddor, manager of the Predictive Modeling and Analytics team at UL Solutions. “As a trusted partner, UL Solutions empowers its customers to bring their innovations to market more quickly and efficiently but just as safely.”


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