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Office and Industrial Lighting

Connect with UL Solutions for testing and certification of office and industrial luminaires, and explore human-centric solutions, connected lighting and more.

Office and industrial lighting in the marketplace

While professional offices and industrial workspaces are extremely varied for their specific lighting needs, they do share common safety, performance and energy efficiency requirements. 

With the advancement of LED technology, numerous customizable solutions have been developed to benefit both office and industrial lighting applications. Color-tunable sources, advanced dimming capabilities, and unique control solutions can be leveraged to maximize illumination quality and energy-efficiency savings for the office and industrial environments.

Additionally, the human-centric effects of light on office workers, employees, educators and students continue to increase in interest, and UL Solutions has collaborated with industry to develop one of the first published guidelines regarding promoting circadian entrainment. The publication of UL DG 24480, the Design Guideline for Promoting Circadian Entrainment with Light for Day-Active People, offers potential baseline performance goals for indoor lighting specifiers and building owners to consider. The topic of circadian entrainment has been reviewed for years in Europe under DIN Spec 5031, CIE S 026, and the DIN Spec 67600, all of which support the understanding of the nonvisual light effects on well-being and health. 

Light management systems integrate luminaire integrated sensors and measure daylight levels, room temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity to control and optimize the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Combined with internet connectivity, lighting systems supporting new business models like lighting as a service (LaaS) can remotely control and analyze data needed to understand the environment and optimize working space.

UL Solutions services for office and industrial lighting 

We offer the full range of evaluation services for safety testing and performance based on all international standards like UL and IEC/EN. We also provide Global Market Access through a worldwide network of laboratories and local engineering facilities.

Luminaires are also eligible for inclusion in data submittal programs like our Data Acceptance Program (DAP) or the customer testing facilities (CTF) programs in the IEC world. Manufacturers can qualify for these programs when they have the desire and capability to conduct their own testing for compliance.

Safety testing and certification for office and industry lighting 

UL Solutions’ safety evaluations assess risks for fire, electric shock injury, contact burns and mechanical injury due to mounting means failure or instability. Certain specialized luminaires, such as those that emit light toward the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection purposes, are also evaluated for additional biological risks associated with their operation. Most luminaires are evaluated for compliance with UL 1598, the Standard for Luminaires, or IEC/EN 60598. 

For customers seeking both a C-UL-US and CB certificate, UL Solutions has streamlined both the evaluation and documentation process for certification to provide the manufacturer with speed to market and flexibility in making design modifications to meet their customer preferences. 

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Performance testing for office and industry lighting 

Performance tests vary by region. UL Solutions can help you meet local requirements and regional regulations with our global network of testing laboratories.

In North America, manufacturers may be interested in inclusion on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) list of qualified, energy efficient products in their Qualified Product List (QPL). Similarly, in Europe, manufacturers look to the EcoDesign requirements, also known as Single Lighting Regulation (SLR), while in the Middle East region for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabia Standard Organization (SASO) formulates the national requirements.

For industrial environments, UL Solutions regularly conducts Ingress Protection (IP) Testing per IEC 60529, which measures the degree of protection against dust and moisture intrusion that can be a concern in certain industrial environments.  

UL Solutions has approved ENEC and ENEC+ CB test laboratories for lighting products, and we hold accreditation and recognitions for many regional and global energy efficiency programs.

Visit our Lighting Performance page for more detailed information on performance testing, or visit our Lighting Global Market Access page for country-specific information.

Connected solutions for office and industry lighting 

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for wired and wireless communication and interoperability for office and industrial lighting is a critical area to address. Your lighting products' emission and immunity regarding electromagnetic waves may have local or regional requirements that vary widely.

UL Solutions has an accredited test house for DALI2 and D4i, Bluetooth®, Zigbee and Thread testing, with services that cover relevant communication technologies in lighting. We also offer interoperability services to test the reliability of mobile phone and app communications to help ensure a consistent user experience.

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