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Industrial Automation Services

Offering a broad range of services including testing, certification, cybersecurity, interoperability, functional safety and global market access, all reinforcing safety and security within the production environment.

Robot arms in a car manufacturing factory


Factory control systems, electronic controls and switching devices are key components of industrial automation. Their safe operation can help improve quality, optimize productivity, lower labor expenses, and reduce risk to humans. Now, with the convergence of IT and OT, it is possible for you to obtain the comprehensive data needed to make actionable business decisions to increase operational excellence.

The manufacturing environment has evolved into a complex, connected digital ecosystem where the cost of system failure is significant. If it is not secure, it operates with vulnerabilities that potentially impact the safety of the entire ecosystem. It is no longer sufficient that hardware is intrinsically safe but also that it communicates with other technologies, systems and across different geographies flawlessly and without disruptions. The risk of failure can be associated with risks to life, health and environmental damage. There can be significant cost, not only monetary but also as it relates to brand value and integrity. The manufacturer of components, regardless whether it is a small sensor, control and switchgear device or the most innovative industrial collaborative robotic system, are all significantly impacting a discrete or process manufacturing environment.

This calls for increased awareness of potential risks and proactive measures to mitigate them to limit downtime. Traditional product safety and global market access compliance alone is no longer sufficient. The safety and security landscape of today has multiple layers that need to be addressed.


We can help guide you through the digital transformation of industrial automation. We support you during the design of smart components installed in a manufacturing facility and also support the asset operator with personal protection and occupational health-related compliance.

We offer a broad range of services reinforcing safety and security on all levels within the production environment, including:

Testing and certification

Certification of industrial automation equipment by a trusted independent third party can help ensure that you are safely integrating your products into industrial processes and preventing potential hazards. Our expertise in product testing and certification helps address safety and security needs starting at the earliest phase of product design. The service portfolio covering each layer of safety and security also includes advisory services and training. Standard development is an integral part of safely bringing product innovation to market such as unmanned aerial vehicles or automated guided vehicles. These state-of-the-art products need testing and certification from a trusted independent third party that understands the science of new technologies.


Our cyber experts support manufacturers and their suppliers with cybersecurity services. They can help reduce the vulnerability of components installed in the production environment and mitigate the risk of malicious firmware upgrades and unauthorized access to the production network, as well as guard against distributed denial of service (DDoS).


The communication between different devices, systems and geographies without disruption and interference is essential. We have decades of expertise supporting EMC and wireless communication for a wide range of systems and networks.

Functional safety

A majority of devices are controlled by software today and an increasing number of product safety standards are now extended to include functional safety requirements. Our functional safety experts assess the software of your hardware to help ensure it functions safely.

Global market access safety compliance

Compliance to regional product safety requirements is the foundation for any effective and successful go-to-market implementation. Discuss your global market export strategy with one of our experts to better understand the latest local requirements as well as the harmonization efforts across different schemes.

Why UL

You can benefit from our customized solutions for connected devices, offering a unique range of services and expertise.

Your entire ecosystem — How do you know that the components of your suppliers are effectively meeting all your specific safety and security needs? We support you with the assessment and compliance of the entire ecosystem and corresponding production facilities.

Your single resource — Consolidating all your product testing and certification needs with a single global organization streamlines the process and helps provide a greater return on your compliance investment. We can provide you with global coverage for product and functional safety, EMC and wireless as well as cybersecurity services.

Your brand reputation — The UL brand is a well-recognized global symbol of safety and strengthens trust and confidence in all connected devices throughout the entire value chain.

Your trusted expert — Since 1894, our experts and laboratories have delivered valuable insight into the current ecosystem and future course of technology, regulations and markets trends. By working with the same engineer throughout the entire certification processes, you benefit from added technical service consistency and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your products, tests and objectives are in the hands of an expert who knows you well.

Your bottom-line — We can expand your market presence globally and optimize efficiencies while lowering your costs and mitigating risks. We offer advisory services and a range of other precertification assessments. Additionally, we conduct bundled certifications to leverage harmonized requirements and gaps in the applicable international standards.

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