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Decarbonization of Power Generation

We help power producers advance sustainability and clean energy solutions.

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Green energy is our shared goal

A decarbonized, all-electric future starts with green power generation. Renewable energy projects require significant investment of time and resources, well before a project commences. Governments, power producers and private investors investing heavily in renewable energy generation seek assurance that projects will be financially viable and in compliance with important safety, interoperability and performance requirements.

As a global safety science leader, UL Solutions offers testing, inspection, certification, advisory and software services that advance acceleration of green power generation performance and acceptance.

Comprehensive support for green power production

UL Solutions helps you address the entire lifecycle of renewable energy facilities, including a comprehensive menu of services using both engineering and economic information to make more strategic business decisions.

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How we support safer renewable power production

Today, power generation is happening everywhere, from a few solar panels on a bungalow to towering off-shore wind farms — and everything in between. This democratization of green power production speeds the transition away from fossil fuels, while grid and transmission improvements empower greater control by users and reduce waste significantly.



Here’s how UL Solutions helps utilities, regulators and equipment makers realize cleaner power generation:

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Total lifecycle guidance for renewable energy plants

We offer comprehensive support for renewable energy projects, from financing due diligence to project execution and end-of-life assessment.

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Simplifying regulatory complexity

From our core DNA to our daily work, UL Solutions engineering and compliance experts connect customers with timely regulatory knowledge that helps unlock and maintain market access.

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Refining your culture of safety

We provide science-based insights and data-backed training, gap analysis and other guidance to help organizations mitigate risks to their employees.

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Real-world testing, inspection and certification services

We help customers inspire confidence in their energy transition products and projects through on-the-ground evaluation conducted by industry experts.

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Digital twins, modeling and simulation

We support digital modeling and simulations by providing independent validation and verification for digital models, in addition to required physical testing. This helps our customers gain precise technical insights, speed the product development cycle and reduce time to market.


Services, software and guidance for cleaner power production




Support for new and existing renewable energy facilities

Our work with power producers around the world, from individual homeowners to large-scale utilities, requires us to understand and advocate for all user needs. We work in heavily regulated markets such as California as an integral provider of services that advance renewable energy production goals. We offer end-to-end assistance that helps you anticipate challenges and analysis and advisory support for key initial phases such as due diligence, performance modeling and municipal permitting. Plus, our team can support efficient construction, verify performance and conduct end-of-life assessments.


Renewable power generation in the built environment

Some local governments now provide financial and zoning incentives to include on-site renewable power generation in new construction — and it’s likely this trend will accelerate as we face an increasingly uncertain climate future. Integrating power production into the built environment involves new electrical hazards, connectivity challenges and other concerns. With our strong history in safer electrification in the built environment, UL Solutions can help the construction and real estate community maximize green-building incentives and streamline project development. 


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